ekarhino eka storybook app
ekarhino eka storybook app

A storybook app featuring endearing characters in a reality-based fiction created to help children and parents discover and learn about the critically endangered Sumatran rhinos and the threats to their survival. 

#ekarhino - Eka storybook app

Age 4+

Designed for children ages 4 to 7 to read together with their parents or on their own

ekarhino eka storybook app
A Journey of Discovery, Courage and Hope

Eka, our little Sumatran rhino, is a mischievous, curious, and playful rhino boy who lives with his mother Indah in the lush green jungles of Indonesia's Sumatra island.

Everyday Indah teaches her son Eka about life in the jungle, how to make rhino calls, what to eat and where to find mud pits to cool down. Eka listens to his mom and tries to learn, but he really loves to run off into the forest and play.

Life in the jungle seems normal until, one day, when their lives are changed forever. Eka is suddenly faced with the harsh realities of life and must make some key decisions, which will, in part, determine the outcome of his story.

The storybook app was made with KWIK.